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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Live Nintendo Press Conference Updates!

If you need news, check out these sites. Keep refreshing our page too because we will be posting info as it is made available!

Live chat

Slow site, however updated often.

Also giving live updates.

All times are in CENTRAL TIME.

EDIT 1: 8:35 Conference running late, check out for more in 20 minutes.
EDIT 2: 8:40 Apparently the conference started, Iwata and Nintendo heads on stage.
EDIT 3: 8:48 Still introducing at NOJ
EDIT 4: 8:50 Iwata goes over sales figures of DS and PSP, looks like they might hold off the Wii stuff for a while.
EDIT 5: 8:53 Just sales figures and pie charts. It still might be a while tonight till we get Wii info.
EDIT 6: 9:00 Seems to be mass confusion at all my sources. It appears that the main news source for this whole conference has been posting info from an OLD conference. More info as it becomes available.
EDIT 7: 9:06 Internet still in mass confusion. Looks like the news I have is from an OLD video. Sorry guys, I chose the wrong source. I have read that it could be 3 hours until we get any news. I will look for more and post again.
EDIT 8: 9:11 Looks like somebody screwed up royally. GWN, the main source for all Nintendo news on the internet right now was using a feed from June to give live updates on the conference. Since no large blogs have press in Japan, pretty much the entire internet assumed GWN was at the conference and had correct info. This looks like it was incorrect. The latest reports have alleged that Nintendo's conference is ACTUALLY 3 hours from now. Guys, I will try to stay up and get an update in, however I have two exams tomorrow and really need some rest. Sorry about the wrong information. Again, I will continute to post more information tonight as it becomes available.
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7:03 PM

I'm not sure if my topic started it but w/e. Im updating in the topic as well. I cant wait =)    

7:10 PM

lots of info. keep it coming!    

7:25 PM

Hey, whoever thought of posting such stuff is not funny cause I seriously need to know this stuff... maybe the will will be here... tomorrow? maybe now, but still I hope for 200-    

7:42 PM

aww man now i must wait till tomorrow.    

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