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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

"Wii Prove Our Promise" on August 23rd.

Monday, July 31, 2006
Nintendo has announced that they will give a presentation on the Wii on August 23rd in Germany at the Leipzig Game Conference. The title of the presentation hints that Nintendo could give out some big Wii news, like maybe a launch date and price. More info as it becomes available.

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New FFIII trailer released!

Friday, July 28, 2006

This video is wicked. Check out this Japanese trailer for FFIII. Only a few more months to wait for this awesome looking RPG.

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BDCcast #4 Available

The podcast is now available on iTunes or for direct download.

Check out the BDCcast and see what everyone on BDC is talking about!

Nintendo Fusion Tour Dates Released!

Wednesday 9/27/2006 - Columbus, OH
Thursday 9/28/2006 - Indianapolis, IN
Friday 9/29/2006 - Detroit, MI
Saturday 9/30/2006 - Cleveland, OH
Sunday 10/1/2006 - Covington, KY
Wednesday 10/4/2006 - Philadelphia, PA
Thursday 10/5/2006 - Worcester, MA
Saturday 10/7/2006 - Pittsburgh, PA
Sunday 10/8/2006 - New York, NY
Monday 10/9/2006 - Norfolk, VA
Tuesday 10/10/2006 - Winston-Salem, NC
Wednesday 10/11/2006 - Myrtle Beach, SC
Thursday 10/12/2006 - Orlando, FL
Friday 10/13/2006 - Atlanta, GA
Saturday 10/14/2006 - Jacksonville, FL
Sunday 10/15/2006 - Ft. Lauderdale, FL
Tuesday 10/17/2006 - Jonesboro, AR
Wednesday 10/18/2006 - New Orleans, LA
Thursday 10/19/2006 - Houston, TX
Friday 10/20/2006 - Dallas, TX
Sunday 10/22/2006 - Phoenix, AZ
Tuesday 10/24/2006 - Anaheim, CA
Wednesday 10/25/2006 - Los Angeles, CA
Thursday 10/26/2006 - San Francisco, CA
Friday 10/27/2006 - San Diego, CA
Saturday 10/28/2006 - Las Vegas, NV
Thursday 11/2/2006 - Spokane, WA
Saturday 11/4/2006 - Denver, CO
Sunday 11/5/2006 - Kansas City, MO
Monday 11/6/2006 - St. Paul, MN
Tuesday 11/7/2006 - St. Louis, MO
Wednesday 11/8/2006 - Milwaukee, WI
Thursday 11/9/2006 - Des Moines, IA
Friday 11/10/2006 - Champaign, IL
Saturday 11/11/2006 - Chicago, IL

No word yet on if the Wii will be playable. BDC will bring you more information about tickets and Wii playability as it becomes avaialable.

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Meet the Yakuza characters from Red Steel

Nice article from IGN detailing some new aspects of the Red Steel storyline. Be sure to read this article to learn about the Yakuza characters and their impacts in the upcoming game.

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Nintendo confirms WiFi modes and Pictochat for "42 All-Time Classics"

Nintendo of Europe has offically announced that the upcoming collection of board and card games titled "42 All-Time Classics" will have online WiFi modes and will allow users to use Pictochat to communicate during games. Be sure to check out this game when it is released this September.

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Lost levels in the Zelda: Wind Waker found.

Thursday, July 27, 2006
Using an action replay, several new levels were found in the Wind Waker. Check out the site for videos, screen shots, and codes to get this running on your cube.

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The Wii to be region free?

According to NOA's Vice President of Marketing, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo might be doing away with region coding on the Wii. While this would be a small deal to most gamers, it would be huge news to frequent import gamers who will not need mod chips or discs to play import games.

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The handheld GameCube.

This fan made GameCube is sweet. If you want to play GCN on the go, this is the way to do it. This is one handheld you need to check out!

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LucasArts confirms the Wiimote to be used as a lightsaber in upcoming Star Wars game

Wednesday, July 26, 2006
While we kinda figured this would happen since the first day we heard about the revolutionary Wiimote, it is good to see it officially announced. LucasArts has confirmed that an upcoming Wii Star Wars game will feature lightsaber battles with the Wiimote used as a lightsaber. If your a Star Wars fan, you can now die in peace.

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Nintendo teases with Wii launch date?

Tuesday, July 25, 2006
Nintendo of America released it's fall release schedule today. While the Wii was not on the release list, what Nintendo said was causing more of a stir.
"The fourth quarter of 2006 will herald a new era for Nintendo with the launch of its remarkable new Wii(TM) home video game system. But that's not what this news item is about! How could that be, you ask? Perhaps the secret to the launch information for Wii is somehow encoded in the text of this news item. You might want to pore over it for a few hours before staying up all night to debate phraseology and comma placement with your friends online. Or maybe it's all just a scam to get you to read the other games we have launching this fall. One of the two."

Does this document hold the true release date? No one has found this date for certain yet, but as soon as the date becomes available BDC will be sure to post it.

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Nintendo exspects to sell 6 million Wii by March 2007

Monday, July 24, 2006
That is a whole lot of Wii. Nintendo has just released it's June fiscal statements. The report shows that DS sales are through the roof. The report also gives estimates for Wii console sales. Nintendo believes they will sell 6 million Wii consoles and 17 million games by next March. Let's hope Nintendo exceeds these exspectations this holiday season.

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Super Smash Bros. Melee played online!

This is one of the coolest hacks I have seen online in a while. Psychoticworm and a few other gamers on the IGN forums have found a way to play Super Smash Bros. Melee (Really, any GCN game with multiplayer) with another player over the internet. A bunch of computer "know how" and the rare GCN Broadband Adaptor are needed to pull off the trick. Check out the link below if you want to get detailed instructions on how to set this up yourself.


More online game videos can be found here.

Note: While this hack seems fairly simple, BDC is in no way responsible if you mess up your GCN or games during this process. In reality, all that would happen is maybe lost game saves. But, we're still not responsible for that.

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Wii Virtual Console exspected to have 20-30 titles at launch

Sunday, July 23, 2006
Looks like Nintendo is working hard to get a good list of launch titles available for the Virtual Console. Many reports are saying that Nintendo will have as many as 30 great classic titles available for purchase on the day the console is released.

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Final Fantasy 3 WiFi modes announced.

Square=Enix has just recently made a public announcement regarding its upcoming Final Fantasy 3 for the DS and it's WiFi capabilities. While we have known the game would use Nintendo's online network in someway, it was not until this announcement that we knew how. According to Square-Enix, the Mognet system from Final Fantasy 4 will return. If your not familiar with the Mognet system, it is basically a glorified mail system. The game encourages mailing others in order to open up secrets and new quests.
While this isn't the only party vs. party battles we had hoped for, it is WiFi. Square-Enix did mention that they would make more WiFi announcements as the game comes closer to release. BDC will bring you more info as it becomes available.

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Heros for Wii Trailer

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Check out this trailer for what could be the most hip game for the Wii yet. The art style is amazing. It looks like Megaman mixed with a big bag of badass. This one should come out for the Wii sometime in late 2007.

EDIT: A high quality Divx version can be found here.

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Sony copies Wiimote AGAIN!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Looks like Sony still can't innovate. Swedish gaming sites are busy posting this morning about a new Sony patent for a remote that looks and acts a lot like the Wiimote. The Sony remote will be cylinder shaped and will feature better motion sensing capabilities than the PS3 controller currently is slated to have. BDC will have more info as it becomes available.

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Madden for the Wii

One of the biggest launch titles for the Wii is going to be Madden 2007. Many gamers are curious as to if the Wii version's unique gameplay will keep the classic Madden feel. Here is what we know so far.

Gameplay: The Wiimote will be used to full potential in this game. You will become the NFL player with the unique control. You will snap the ball, fake a handoff, and throw an on-target pass all in one play with the use of the Wiimote. This isn't your father's Madden, this is next-gen baby.

Graphics: While it won't be up to par graphically with the PS3 or XBox360 versions, the Wii game will hold its own. It will looks slightly better than Madden 2007 on the GCN. While this might not be the graphic jump we wanted, the gameplay stays at a solid framerate and does the job it needs to. While we may not see individual sweat drops on each players arm, we can still tell Brett Farve from Reggie Bush. That's all the is important anyways, right?

Want more indepth impressions? Check out these links.

And for an interview with John Schappert of EA, check out here.

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New Castlevania gameplay video!

The guy who made this video is a lucky soul who attended a Nintendo Press Conference a few weeks ago. This video does show some great gameplay footage of Castlevania: Portrait of Ruin for the DS. The art style in this game is amazing and I can't wait to play this later on in the year.

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BDCcast #3

Thursday, July 20, 2006
Check it out, tons of stuff in this week's episode. The lastest in Nintendo news and BDC banter can be found below.

BDCcast #3

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Virtual Reality Super Mario Brothers!

This is the kind of thing we need to see on the Wii. While it looks like a N64 game, the gameplay looks sweet. You got to check this out!

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Who will win the console wars?

Who will win the console wars? While this video doesn't give a clear answer, I do think it shows it will be one heck of a battle.

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Nintendo Employee reveals Wii release date?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006
In a chic downtown Toronto hotel, my expectations are duly dismissed when I play the games everyone will anticipate once Nintendo's next-gen system launches in November (Yes, November, according to product tester Shane D. Lewis of Nintendo of America).

The preceding quote is from an article on Digital Journal. In the article, a product tester claims that Nintendo will officalally release the console in November. While this is only a product tester and not a PR employee, it does seem to shoot down our October hopes.

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Want to see the Opera DS Browser in actions?

Sure we have all seen screen shots, but how will it look when we are actually browsing the internet? What speed will it run at? Will it still look like the internet? All your questions will be silenced by this video. Check it out.

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Nintendo Fusion Tour to kickoff this fall, Wii to be playable?

Tuesday, July 18, 2006
REDMOND, Wash., July 18, 2006 – Music lovers and video game fans will converge in venues across the country this fall, as the fourth annual Nintendo Fusion Tour gets underway. The tour, headlined by emo-rock band Hawthorne Heights and produced by Live Nation, will visit some 40 cities nationwide between Sept. 27 and Nov. 11. In addition to live music, each venue will showcase the hot-selling Nintendo DS Lite and provide a sneak peek of Nintendo’s upcoming console, Wii.

The Nintendo Fusion Tour will be kicking off nationwide in September. Hawthorne Heights, Relient K, and the Plain White T's will just be some of the bands on stage. However, a lot of attention might be on what is shown off stage. Nintendo has hinted in the press release and several sources have indicated that the Wii will be playable at the concert tour.

With the tour running from September 27th to November 11th, this could be a great way for Nintendo to get the Wii out and playable to the public before a late October or early November launch.

BDCgamer will have more info about the tour, along with tour dates as more information becomes available.

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Japanese man overclocks his DS Lite

Here is a video of a guy who recently overclocked his DS Lite to run at 1.7x it's original speed. While this mod seems kind of pointless, it does make Mario's voice REALLY high pitched. Isn't that all that matters in the end anyways?

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Red Steel multiplayer battles will not just take place "on screen"

Here is an interview with the director of Red Steel. In the interview, he makes an interesting comment that multiplayer battles will not only take place "on the screen". Does this means that players will battle each other in real life while they play? We hope to have more information in the coming weeks.

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Want to get on Nintendo WiFi? Don't have a router? Use your Mac!

Monday, July 17, 2006
If you have a Mac computer with AirPort, you can use AirPort to take your Nintendo DS online! No more need to buy a wireless router. Just get your Mac online with an ethernet cable and use it to send your internet connection to your DS wirelessly!

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New Wiimote Button Revealed?

Here is an interesting scan from the upcoming August issue of Nintendo Power. In the scan, we see a woman using a black Wiimote. The interesting part of this photo is the purple colored button on the underside of the controller. It looks a lot like the Z-Button on the GameCube controller. The button has never been seen in any picture of the controller before and was not on the E3 controller. No offical word from Nintendo about this button yet, however BDCgamer will bring you all the details as they become available.

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DS Web Browser launch date released....for Europe.

Nice little article giving the release dates for a bunch of games in Europe. Most interesting on the list is the DS Web Browser. According to to article, the DS browser will be released on October 6th in Europe. I would exspect a US release very close to the European date. Be sure to check out BDCgamer for more info when it becomes available.

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Gumby in Mario Basketball 3v3?

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Check out this video at the 23 second mark. If you look, you see a green character that looks like everyone's favorite claymation character, Gumby. After watching the video a few times, I really can't be certa The only other person I can think of is Game and Watch, however that character doesn't really resemble him in my opinion. Anyways, if anyone has any clue as to who the character is, please leave me a comment to help me out.
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New Nintendo Wii Controller Information Released!

Friday, July 14, 2006
New information from a Wii development kit has been circulating around the internet. This new information includes some interesting tidbits. Most importantly is that the Wii will use AA batteries for power. While this isn't as great as a lithium-ion battery, Nintendo states that the batteries can last up to 60 hours of gameplay. The other interesting piece of news involves the recently revealed "Sync" button. According to Nintendo, this button will be used for assigning Wii-motes controller numbers. The big other news of note involves several kilobytes of free memory available on the controller. While its purpose is not revealed by Nintendo, one could assume that this is available to save sounds that will play through the remote's speaker.

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BDCcast #2

BDCcast episode #2

Here is a link to BDCcast #2. Post your feedback with a comment or two here.

New Star Fox Command screens.

Come on, you know you want to see them.

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EA announces 6 titles that will take advantage of Wii's motion sensing controller.

Thursday, July 13, 2006
EA made a rather big announcement today regarding several games that will be released for the Wii later this year. In the announcement, EA has confirmed that it is not only adding motion sensing control into Madden 2007, but also into the new Need for Speed, Tiger Woods, Harry Potter, SSX, and Godfather games for the system. It has long been assumed that EA would just port these types of titles over to the Wii and use a traditional control style with aid of the Wii's retro controller attachment. However, this news is quite the opposite and should excite Nintendo gamers worldwide.

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Hey, want to play "Tingle in Freshly-Picked Rose Colored Rupee Land!" Yeah, it actually is a real game.

Nintendo has just announced it's new DS RPG! "Tingle in Freshly-Picked Rose Color Rupee Land". No, we don't joke around here at BDC. This is a translation of the title of the new DS gaming coming out this fall in Japan. The DS game will star everyone's favorite middle-aged man in green, Tingle! The main goal of the game is to collect Rupees while are then thrown into a pond to save a large tree. Along the way, Tingle must manage his finances and hire bodyguards to protect himself. Hopefully we will see this quirkly Japanese title make a stateside release sometime early next year.

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New Final Fantasy III gameplay video!

A nice video from the beginning of FFIII. This is going to be one DS hit when it comes out in Japan later this year. If you have been waiting for this game, check out the video.

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New leaked Wii ad reveals release date?

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

If this ad is to be believed, the Wii will launch somewhere on October 21st. While the region and price are uncertain, the ad does clearly name a late October release. Please remember that the this is no way a final ad, nor is it even confirmed to be from Nintendo.

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BDCcast Episode 1

I hope you all enjoy our first podcast.

BDCcast Episode #1

Indepth look at Tony Hawk Downhill Jam for Wii

Here is an indepth interview with Paul Reiche put together by IGN. Paul is a lead director for the upcoming Wii game. This video gives a nice look at gameplay and shows extensive bits of the game in action. It's a little long, but it's a must watch for Tony Hawk fans.

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Want to feel nostalgia? Watch this!

nos·tal·gi·a (nŏ-stăl'jə, nə-) pronunciation, noun
1. A bittersweet longing for things, persons, or situations of the past.

Usually I don't post things that are "old news" or don't really involve recently released video games. However, I just watched this video and felt a need to share it with everyone. This video comes from a guy named Albylion who wanted to beat Ocarina of Time in a 24 hour period. No, this video isn't a speed run. It isn't showing off glitches or cheats either. It is just a nicely put together video of Ocarina of Time that made me remember how great of a game it was. If you have ever played the Nintendo 64 masterpiece, this video will bring back great memories.

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New Fire Emblem Wii details emerge.

Some new details have been floating around the internet about the upcoming Fire Emblem game for the Nintendo Wii. According to reports on FourColorRebellion, Sothe will play the part of protagonist in the game. The events in the Wii game appear to take place after events in The Path of Radiance, making the GCN game a prequel to it's Wii successor. Another big piece of news regarding the game includes the camera. Supposedly, the game will now feature full 3D gameplay, much like recent Zelda and Mario games. This would be a major change to the top down view that the game has seen in the past.

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Call of Duty 3 Wii gameplay video

Monday, July 10, 2006

Here is a video floating around the internet as the first gameplay video of Call of Duty 3 for the Wii. This might actually be an XBOX 360 video, however it looks like it is indeed the Wii version.

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Unfinished course found in Mario Kart DS

While I think this was posted in the BDC Lounge long ago, new members might of never seen the video. Here we see an unfinished course that never made it into Mario Kart DS. The level isn't very interesting, but the video is worth the watch atleast.

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Concept art for a future Wii MMORPG

Sunday, July 09, 2006

Here is a link to some concept art for what has highly believed to be a future Wii game. The art looks really great and rumor is that Miyamoto is behind the project. BDCgamer will post more info on the game as it becomes available.

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"HowStuffWorks" guide to "How the Wii Works"

HowStuffWorks has put together a nice little article into how the Nintendo used technology to produce a motion sensing controller. The article gets technical about the controller and console's inner workings. A must ready for any hardware fanboy.

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Music from Zelda: Twilight Princess leaked to public!

Love Koji Kondo's music? Here is a link to several tunes from the upcoming Zelda title. The music sounds amazing and I definitely recommend that everyone downloads it.

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Have $1500 lying around? Get the unreleased Nintendo 64 game, Echo Delta.

Saturday, July 08, 2006

Ever want to play Echo Delta for the N64? This game was supposedly over 90% completed when the game's development was mysteriously haulted. Somehow this EBay seller got ahold of a near final build of the game and is selling it. This is a must have for any video game collector.

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New Hi-Res Red Steel images.

Here are some new shots from Red Steel. While they don't indicate that the gameplay has gotten any better, the game does atleast look OK.

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The Wii to be released in...September?

Wednesday, July 05, 2006
Some gaming analysts and industry insiders have hinted at a possible September Wii release date. While I wouldn't hold my breath for that early of a release, it is interesting to see a big news source like CNN giving the news some press.

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Nintendo sents a special birthday gift to President Bush.

Don't you wish Nintendo hooked us all up like this on our birthdays? For his 60th birthday, Nintendo sent Dubya a DS Lite with Brain Age. Hopefully he liked the gift!

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Final Fantasy 3 box art.

Monday, July 03, 2006

Here is a look at the official box art for the Japanese version of Final Fantasy 3. This should be one awesome RPG when it hits the Nintendo DS later this year.

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Wii launch date revealed?

Sunday, July 02, 2006
While Nintendo is yet to officially announce the release date for the Wii, SI for Kids seems to be certain of a November 6th launch. Check out the link for more details.

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Maybe the best video game musician in the world!

Played on the organ, you hear:
Super Mario World (Castle Theme),
Zelda Dungeon Theme,
Super Mario 64 Bowser Theme,
Chrono Trigger (Magus Battle),
Naruto (Orochimaru's Theme),
FF9 (Pandemonium),
Cowboy Bebop (Rain),
FF3 (Dancing Mad).

I know BDC has many video game music enthusiasts. That is why I have decided to share this video with you all. This guy will play all of your favorite songs...on an organ! Here is a list of the songs in this video.

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Think your good at video games? This guy beat Super Mario 64 in 20 minutes!

Saturday, July 01, 2006

An unbelievable video that needs to been seen to be believed. This is a more time consuming digg since the video is about 20 minutes long. However, I guarantee amazement and bewilderment! You must check this video out!

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