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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Red Steel to feature "Free-Hand" swordplay!

Monday, August 28, 2006
Ubisoft has just confirmed that Red Steel has seen a major rehaul in gameplay. The sword fighting in the game will not be entirely free-hand. In previous builds of the game, the player only could choose pre-set sword manuvers. Now, any swing with the remote will be unique. This is a major breakthrough for the game. BDC will bring you more info as we get closer to the launch date.

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No Wii WiFi for 3rd Parties Until 2007?

Saturday, August 26, 2006
Looks like Nintendo hasn't been giving developers the tools they need to produce games with Wi-Fi capabilities for the Wii. It looks like it will be next year before we see any 3rd party Wi-Fi game for the Wii. Check out this article for more info.

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Wii Prove Our Promise....sorta

Wednesday, August 23, 2006
Here is IGN's recap of Nintendo's gaming event in Germany. Not a whole lot of great stuff shown off at the conference. The biggest news involves Super Mario Strikers and Battalion Wars sequels. Be sure to check out IGN for more info.

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Zelda: Twilight Princess controls changed!

Monday, August 21, 2006
A big changed has been made to the play mechanics of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Until now, sword movements were controlled using the B button. According to GoNintendo, Link will now swing his sword when you move the Wiimote. Hopefully this works well and I can't wait to play the full version of the game later this fall.

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Rumor: Sonic to be playable in Super Smash Bros: Brawl?

Sunday, August 20, 2006
It looks like Nintendo is supposedly working on getting atleast one other non-Nintendo character into the game. Some guys on the official Nintendo board have been hinting that the character is Sonic. Not much evidence to help this rumor, but it still sounds like a great idea.

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New program gives details about Nintendo WiFi Connection.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006
This program is a must see for all you Nintendo WiFi nuts! This program uses information from the official Nintendo WiFi site to give tons of WiFi info. The program gives much better info than the offical site does. Kevin, the creator of the program did a great job putting the program together. It even contains support for Contact and Star Fox Command which haven't even been released yet! The program keeps the Friends Codes of all players you have ever entered and has leaderboards for Metroid Prime: Hunters. For more information and and download, check out the site here.

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A huge list on downloadable DS applications.

Have a DS flash cart but no applications to run? Looking to buy a flash cart but not sure what programs you would actually use? Check out this list here.

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Get a DS Lite for only $110!

Toys R Us is having a Nintendo DS sale on their website. Just check out www.toysrus.com and add a DS to your online cart. When you check out, just use the promo code "TRUS15P_sd2fh3" to recieve the discount.

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Screenshots of classic games early in production.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006
Do you remember The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time....before it was quite possibly the best game of all-time? The game was ugly. Infact, many games looked horrible before they were released. Check out this forum thread to see screenshots of many classic games before they were released.

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Nintendo confirms free WiFi play on Wii.

While we at BDC assumed that WiFi would work on the Wii exactly like it does on the DS, we never had it confirmed offically from Nintendo...until now. This means that WiiFi (sorry about the bad pun) will be free exactly like WiFi on the DS. Just a note however, this does not mean that Virtual Console games and "bonus" content will also be free.

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Another Zelda fan video for good measure.

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Because they are all the rage, I have posted yet ANOTHER Zelda fan made music video. This video includes a whole bunch of Zelda songs played on a piano. I love the Fairy Fountain song in this video.

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Yet another great Zelda fan made tune.

If you thought the Ukulele was a great piece of musical work, check out this string quartet. This string group plays a Legend of Zelda medley.

I guess this just proves that you can never get enough Zelda music.

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Legend of Zelda theme on the Ukulele

Are you a real Nintendo geek? This guy pushes the limit of Nintendo geekality by preforming one of the best versions of the Nintendo theme I had ever heard. If you love videogame music, specifically Zelda music, you will love this artist's rendition of the song.

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BDCcast #6

Saturday, August 12, 2006
The latest episode of the critically acclaimed BDCcast is now available. Check it out on iTunes. You can also direct download or even listen in your browser.

The top 25 Wii gameplay videos from E3

10 videos not enough to satisfy your Wiideo need? Check out these 10 great gameplay videos from this year's E3. These videos all try to focus on how the controller is used and gameplay and give good indicators of what you will look like while playing the Wii this fall.

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Crazy-good fanmade Metroid Prime 3 trailer.

Friday, August 11, 2006

Check out this great video made by Pomega088 for Metroid Prime 3: Corruption. If this video doesn't build hype for the game, I don't know what will. It really looks like this Metroid game could be the best one in the series.

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The top 10 Wii gameplay videos from E3.

I know these videos are kind of old, however there is still a lot of good stuff here. I don't think I have ever seen a few of these videos. The Zelda video looks extremely amazing.

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New pictures of Nintendopoly!

Thursday, August 10, 2006
It's classic Monopoly with a Nintendo twist! Check out this newly released version of the classic household favorite!

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Broken Saints trailer from Comic-Con

There is some PARTIAL NUDITY in the video, just to warn the kiddies.

Check out this decent looking video for Broken Saints for the Wii. The game seems to have a nice mood and attitude. The short clips of possible gameplay look like they could use some work, however this game has potential.

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Screenshot of lost SSB:M level.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006
Here is an old screen shot from "The Nintendo Difference" video that has been floating around the internet. In this shot, you see a finished looking level from Super Smash Bros. Melee that never made it into the game.

This is the only shot of the level I oculd find. If anyone has any clue as to what became of this level, let me know via a comment. It looked like an interesting enough level.

Thanks to Crazyforkillua for the story idea.
EDIT: If you want to see the level in the video, check out the source link below and watch about 42 seconds into the video.

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GameCrazy has the gamers ride...dawg.

Monday, August 07, 2006

Gamecrazy Training Video

Here is a promotional video from GameCrazy. I can't believe that GameCrazy makes their employees watch this stuff.

It's OK though because GameCrazy has the cheapest games. Boo-yah.

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"The Colorful World of the Mario Kart DS Community"

Here is a nice little blog article about the different types of players that play Mario Kart DS. The author goes into detail about gameplay strategies for all the different types of gamers. This a fun read for anyone in the Mario Kart DS community.

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Star Fox Command video review

Joshua Zimmerman has brought us a wonder video review. Joshua gets a lot of import games and makes video reviews of them. This video has a lot of great gameplay info about the upcoming Star Fox Command. He even shows off the upcoming WiFi modes.

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Long Red Steel gameplay video.

Saturday, August 05, 2006

I guess this video was put together by G4TV during E3, but I hadn't seen it yet. The video shows a lot of the beginning tutorials in the game and gives a lot of insight into the sword mechanics in the game. If you check out later in the video, you can see some great shooting action in the streets of Japan.

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Spasmodia wins Tyrant Tourny!

Congratulations Spasmodia on winning the BDC Tyrant Tourny! It took strength, guts, and courage...well maybe just some Mario Kart skillz.

The Tyrant Tourny went really well guys, I hope you kept up and followed the whole thing.

Be sure to congratulate Spasmodia here.

Super Mario Strikers sequel to be announced in Germany?

Nintendo of Europe sources have told IGN that a Super Mario Strikers sequel coming to the Wii. According to IGN, the game will be announced at the Leipzig Game Conference in about 2 weeks.

This Strikers sequel is one of possibly 5 Wii titles Nintendo is rumored to annouce at the upcoming game show.

If you never played Super Mario Strikers, it is a face-paced Mario Sports title featuring some of the best known names in the Mario universe. The game didn't really recieve the sales or recognition it deserved because it was released so late in the Gamecube's lifecycle.

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Nintendo Fusion Tour tickets on sale!

Friday, August 04, 2006
Check out the Nintendo Fusion Tour Website for information on the sale of tickets. I checked out a few different locations and tickets seem to be going for $20 everywhere. Not a bad price for some great music and the chance to play the Wii.

Speaking of Nintendo's next gen platform, you need to enter the password "Wii" to buy the tickets.

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BDCcast #5

Thursday, August 03, 2006
The new BDCcast is up. Check it out on iTunes or direct download here.

Or, just check it out streaming in your browser here. No download is even necesary!

Golden Zelda style NES mod.

Check out these sweet NES mods by a French gamer. These systems are gold and feature several different popular Zelda symbols. The Tri-Force on these systems looks sweet. Check out these blinging mods.

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Ubisoft to release 7 Wii launch titles.

FarCry and Blazing Angles are just some of the titles added to Ubisoft's Wii launch list. With Red Steel and Rayman looking great, Ubisoft could have some great titles come this fall.

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Mario and Zelda: Big Band Live

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Here is a video from a 2003 concert in Japan. The concert was titled "Mario and Zelda: Big Band Live". The concert featured several Japanese music artists playing our favorite Zelda and Mario songs in a bluegrass style. The music in this video is fantastic and a must hear for every Nintendo fanboy. This is a long video, but a great listen. I suggest maybe just keep the browser open and listen for a while.

EDIT: If anyone would like mp3 files of each song in the video individually, I found them here.

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Leaked Resident Evil Wii screen shot?

Wonder what the Resident Evil series will look like on the Wii? This image was supposedly leaked from Comic-Con. Not much is known about the screen's orgin besides being taken by someone who saw it at Comic-Con. If this is actually Resident Evil for the Wii, it is interesting that Capcom decided to go back to a prerendered backgroud with a stuck camera view after the success of RE4.

What do you think of this picture? Is it a fake? Be sure to give your input by leaving us a comment.

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Legend of Zelda oragami.

Make your favorite Zelda character out of paper. These look amazing. If any of you BDCers try this one, be sure to send me a picture of your final product.

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