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Rumor Killed...Zelda to only feature one player.

A lot of people around the internet have been up in arms about a recent rumor that the Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess would feature a unannounced multi-player mode.

While we hate to be the bad news blog, we can officially denounce that rumor thanks to a recent posting on the Japanese site for Twilight Princess.

We took a screen shot of the Japanese info page for the game. As you can see toward the bottom of the page we have the number one followed by what looks like an upside down Y. The upside down Y is actually the Japanese character for person or people. Thus, the site clearly states the game will only support one player.

While we hate to break the news, I can actually say that I am quite surprised Nintendo didn't throw in a "Tingle" mode similar to what was in Wind Waker if you plugged a GBA into the GCN with a link cable. It seems like the perfect opportunity to show off some DS-Wii connectivity.
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10:01 PM

Never heard of this Rumor O_o
Even though it's proven fake, it would've still been awesome if TP had a multiplayer feature ^_^    

1:09 AM

WOw.... that sounds amazingly convincing. That upside down character means players. It conviniently has a 1 next to it... It's in Japanese so who knows, unless you can read Japanese.    

2:01 AM

i can read japanese (@ the previous poster), and yes it does mean 1 player. (it says one person but all translations are loose.)    

7:03 AM

If you check the us.wii.com they said the game was one player.    

9:18 AM

Yeah, the confusion was with IGN, since they had posted 1-2 players and never bothered to take it down.    

7:19 PM

Today when I was in EB they had the tenative game cases out on the shelves and the TP one had on the back a picture of 1 Wiimote/nunchuk.    

4:20 PM

The header says "Play-Person (player)," and yes, it says 1 person below that. So, case closed. It is entirely convincing.    

7:36 AM

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