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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Hey, want to play "Tingle in Freshly-Picked Rose Colored Rupee Land!" Yeah, it actually is a real game.

Nintendo has just announced it's new DS RPG! "Tingle in Freshly-Picked Rose Color Rupee Land". No, we don't joke around here at BDC. This is a translation of the title of the new DS gaming coming out this fall in Japan. The DS game will star everyone's favorite middle-aged man in green, Tingle! The main goal of the game is to collect Rupees while are then thrown into a pond to save a large tree. Along the way, Tingle must manage his finances and hire bodyguards to protect himself. Hopefully we will see this quirkly Japanese title make a stateside release sometime early next year.

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1:29 PM

Yay, I heard abou this game a couple weeks ago and it looks hilarious. It's like a comical offshoot of Zelda. Plus RPG's are my favorite.    

4:32 PM

Actually, for about 4 months, Ive known about a tingle RPG game coming to the DS. I just didnt know what it was called. It was posted on wikipedia and Gamqfaqs a while back. It looks funny and hopefully Tingle will make an appearence in Twighlight Princess. Tingle is always hilarious and I hope he continues his reign of comedy.    

4:32 AM

That is seriosuly the name of the game? Well, at least Ninty is getting creative with names of consoles/games. Like CFK said, Tingle is always hilarious, but a bit annoying at some points. I'm looking forward to seeing how this will turn out.    

2:29 PM

ughhhhhhhhhhhh...? wow that doesnt even seem like its worth financing.    

11:00 AM

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