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Zelda: Twilight Princess controls changed!

A big changed has been made to the play mechanics of Zelda: Twilight Princess. Until now, sword movements were controlled using the B button. According to GoNintendo, Link will now swing his sword when you move the Wiimote. Hopefully this works well and I can't wait to play the full version of the game later this fall.

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8:15 AM

finally, the first confirmed game that lets me hack n slash at stuff. now im starting to get excited for this game too. im gonna need a lot of money...    

8:37 AM

Major change! This is gonna be fun and interesting playing TP on the Wii now =D
Just gotta watch and make sure I don't hit anything while swinging the wiimote =P    

2:02 PM

Sounds kinda cool, but wasn't the wiimote meant to be used as a pointer? Cuz if you keep moving the wiimote to move, he'll keep slashing and that could get annoying. sounds kinda like that starwars game we heard of :)    

11:07 PM

Hmm, maybe they'll have it so you hold B if you want to swing the sword and then you actually swing it by moving the wiimote.    

6:08 AM

What ryu said is what it originally was. I don't think goNintendo has their stuff together. After it was confirmed for the Wii, I'm pretty sure people pretty much assumed it was going to be controlling link's sword with the wiimote. And I think what ryu said is still what will happen, because of what abc said.    

7:46 AM

no let me explain. the sword will always be out. you kill stuff by slashing. you move link with the nunchuck attachment. b buton is now used for arrows. he probably wnot keep slashing bc only rapid movements will cause the sword to move the last sentence is a guess)    

6:43 AM

I read this on gonintendo as well. THe new controls will be awesome. I hope to hear more about this game today at the LGC.    

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