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Sony copies Wiimote AGAIN!

Looks like Sony still can't innovate. Swedish gaming sites are busy posting this morning about a new Sony patent for a remote that looks and acts a lot like the Wiimote. The Sony remote will be cylinder shaped and will feature better motion sensing capabilities than the PS3 controller currently is slated to have. BDC will have more info as it becomes available.

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9:24 AM

wtf sony get some frickin brains and come up with an idea of your own. nintendo needs to seriously consider some kind of lawsuit or SOMETHING for this. this is getting frigging rediculous.    

9:41 AM

Sony must DIE!!!!!!! Arrrgh those *KopyKat had to remove this word to avoid being sued* I hope Nintendo makes billions on the Wii and then buys out Sony.    

1:28 PM

Meh. It says it's for the eye toy... which isn't all that great. Well, it is a cylinder, but what other shape could it be? I still want more sources, also.    

7:22 PM

sony is going through difficulties. they are making big decisions for the controller now, with the launch less than 6 months from launch. they might be in a bit of trouble.    

12:25 AM

have any of you ever considered that maybe this ISN'T a controller?    

12:28 AM

IT'S A TRAP!!!!    

7:47 AM

Dam you sony!!    

7:48 AM

that was me oops    

12:10 PM

Wow, I can't beleive Nintendo hasn't sued Sony yet. But, I think I have an idea on why. Ask me if you want to know.    

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