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Japanese man overclocks his DS Lite

Here is a video of a guy who recently overclocked his DS Lite to run at 1.7x it's original speed. While this mod seems kind of pointless, it does make Mario's voice REALLY high pitched. Isn't that all that matters in the end anyways?

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5:47 PM

Yes that is all that matters. With out Mario's high pitched voice we will all fall into darkness.    

7:56 PM

Wow was that sweet. Worthless pretty much...But Sweet. I cracked up listening to Mario's voice. I'd like to see that guy race on MKDS at that speed. Now that would be awesome.    

8:20 PM


Wow, that was actually pretty funny! I wonder how much it'll cost to do that to mine... *thinks*    

8:46 PM

alright 3 letters: w.t.f. -_-    

1:07 PM

Now that was pretty random. I'm wondering what would happen if you did that while online with Mario Kart....    

6:51 PM

lol. funny. i liked the sped up music!    

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