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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

Think your good at video games? This guy beat Super Mario 64 in 20 minutes!

An unbelievable video that needs to been seen to be believed. This is a more time consuming digg since the video is about 20 minutes long. However, I guarantee amazement and bewilderment! You must check this video out!

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11:54 AM

LoLz!!! This guy is A.MAZ.ING. 0_0 Glitches Galore though ^_-    

9:52 AM

these glitches aren't exactly new, and this vid had too many gaping errors for me to remember...but I'll name a few..

lots of movement optimization. not little tiny things, but there were big parts where he could have done a long jump to save time.

his whomp fortress was terrible (at least the first two stars), the method he used to get to the top of the tower was slow and easily improvable, and why did he not use the glitch that lets you jump through king thwomp? there was lots of time lost there.

I can understand getting 1 star from the secret slide, but why would you get BOTH? it's better to get neither, and just get lil' penguin lost and wall kicks will work at cool cool mtn., but he didn't get any stars from ccm...if you can't do wall kicks will work then just do lil' penguin lost and 1 slide..

his bowser fights were pretty good, but he could improve by getting bowser to the bomb things on the first throw instead of the second or third.

it took him a while to catch mips and finish the first part of the door glitch, but he made it through the 30 star door very nice.

dire dire docks was terrible, the sub can be boarded much faster using an equally easy method (sub's tailfins w/e they're called)

bowser in the fire sea was all right, but the end of the level (not the bowser fight) could be improved greatly. and I have no idea WHY he went to dire dire docks to use the "exit level" trick, when bowser and the fire sea is closer to him and requires less time to fall at the beginning....

he got through the door into the tower nicely, but it took him a while to get the glitch to catch on the endless stairs..

bowser in the sky was not so good IMO, there was lots of time he could have saved (why did he wait for that moving platform instead of triple jumping? and why didn't he climb that pole after the moving platform?)

overall, an average run, but I have seen much better, TAS or not.


3:43 PM

Look at this, it's better http://speeddemosarchive.com/Mario64.html
Or this http://tasvideos.org/movies.cgi?id=436    

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