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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

The Wii to be region free?

According to NOA's Vice President of Marketing, Perrin Kaplan, Nintendo might be doing away with region coding on the Wii. While this would be a small deal to most gamers, it would be huge news to frequent import gamers who will not need mod chips or discs to play import games.

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8:08 AM

I would love this. I wuld love to import Hunter x Hunter games and bleach games. If they made a Jump SUperstars on the Wii, I would also import that. I really hope Nintendo takes away regional coding. IMO, its a good idea.    

10:45 AM

I really like this idea. It works great for times that really great games come out in Japan and such and you want it here in the US. I'm hoping this idea falls through.    

11:15 AM

zomg ninty copies sony gasp

Since the DS is region free, and there's nothing wrong with that, I say it's a good a idea and go ahead.    

12:47 PM

Yes! Finally I can get those great console games that don't come to the states, Bobobo, here I come!    

7:29 PM

i have no idea what 'region free' means >_< i feel like a n00b.    

12:38 AM

"zomg ninty copies sony gasp"


that is ok because is ninty copy sony, not sony copy ninty. sony is baaaaad!!! and ninty is gooood!!! they probably had a good reason to do it, like the fun!!!    

3:32 PM

this is a great idea. it can allow possibilies for many great things. go nintendo!    

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