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Red Steel to feature "Free-Hand" swordplay!

Ubisoft has just confirmed that Red Steel has seen a major rehaul in gameplay. The sword fighting in the game will not be entirely free-hand. In previous builds of the game, the player only could choose pre-set sword manuvers. Now, any swing with the remote will be unique. This is a major breakthrough for the game. BDC will bring you more info as we get closer to the launch date.

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4:18 PM

I shall sneak to japan and do some ninja things and get my self an early verson of red steel. MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA... After I steal the wii...    

5:18 PM

This will make the game amazing. Too bad it wont be amazing to be wifi. Image playing against another person in a sowrd battle wqhere the results are endless.    

8:48 AM

Sweet! I'm glad they figured out how to make it work. I'm definately getting RedSteel now.    

1:23 PM

no wai.....
finally some new news from my most anticipated wii game. everyone buy this game! and cfk it could be wifi, but maybe not at launch    

7:18 PM

ya it could be wifi because remember the connect 24 thing; it dl's updates automatically for games so the wifi feature could be added later on. and on a side note, i already reserved, paid for, and own RedSteel. ^_^    

7:57 AM

but an earlier articlte stated no wifi for 3rd parties until 2007    

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