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Screenshot of lost SSB:M level.

Here is an old screen shot from "The Nintendo Difference" video that has been floating around the internet. In this shot, you see a finished looking level from Super Smash Bros. Melee that never made it into the game.

This is the only shot of the level I oculd find. If anyone has any clue as to what became of this level, let me know via a comment. It looked like an interesting enough level.

Thanks to Crazyforkillua for the story idea.
EDIT: If you want to see the level in the video, check out the source link below and watch about 42 seconds into the video.

source | digg story
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8:10 AM

It's probably just how they were originally going to have the Mushroom Kingdom map...looks like they took out the pipe and added a few bricks. And besides, lots of levels do not make a lot of makes. You don't want to over-include things...unless it's all really that good.    

8:19 AM

That's alot like the Mushroom Kingdom level from SSB1. Maybe they didnt want to do the same level twice.    

1:23 PM

I Loved the SSB Mushroom Kingdom level! The pipe randomly throwing into the death zone =P

but yeah, that looks almost exactly like the MK Level from SSB64 just altered a tad bit. Wonder if the level is hidden in the game somewhere and you gotta GS/AR it to find it =O    

5:27 PM

It's not in the game unless Akanaie (??? I don't remember the exact spelling, it's one of the unplayable debug levels) is what it's called!    

5:55 PM

the warp pipes were cool. the level appears to be am mix of old and new smash bros mario levels. looks cool! maybe it will get in brawl.    

6:02 PM

Thanks for posting my find N64BOY, Now, Im not sure if he posted a story on digg, but I did the second after I emailed him my story. Could you guys digg it for me?


Thanks. =). Ill look out for more stuff in the future.    

9:17 PM

It's pretty much the same as MK1 from SSBM, but without a pipe and different looking blocks. Still a good find, CFK.    

8:34 AM

good find. it just might be a 1st version of the mushroom kingdom level that the edited after they made the video or something. still pretty interesting.    

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