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Spasmodia wins Tyrant Tourny!

Congratulations Spasmodia on winning the BDC Tyrant Tourny! It took strength, guts, and courage...well maybe just some Mario Kart skillz.

The Tyrant Tourny went really well guys, I hope you kept up and followed the whole thing.

Be sure to congratulate Spasmodia here.
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12:09 PM

W00t way to go spas! I didnt have a chance in the tourney considering I had to face SK in the first round ^_^;    

12:20 PM

WTG Spasmodia! Great Job. I had a good feeling from the start that you were gonna win.    

5:29 PM

Great job Spas. You deserved it ;)    

5:37 PM

I thought Spas was going to win it, after e beat A-Dizzle. Great job Spas and Good try to wader.    

9:18 PM

i would have won if i wasnt on vacation july 1. no not rly. gj man    

2:25 PM

great job, spasmodia! Nice skills. Enjoy your prize :D    

5:28 PM

Nicely done, Spas. Congrats.


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