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Super Mario Strikers sequel to be announced in Germany?

Nintendo of Europe sources have told IGN that a Super Mario Strikers sequel coming to the Wii. According to IGN, the game will be announced at the Leipzig Game Conference in about 2 weeks.

This Strikers sequel is one of possibly 5 Wii titles Nintendo is rumored to annouce at the upcoming game show.

If you never played Super Mario Strikers, it is a face-paced Mario Sports title featuring some of the best known names in the Mario universe. The game didn't really recieve the sales or recognition it deserved because it was released so late in the Gamecube's lifecycle.

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10:26 AM

I can't wait. I loved Super Mario Strikers on the 'Cube. It was not that bad of a game. I'm excited to hear about the Wiimote's exact use for the game.    

11:31 AM

I've never played it, but I'd like to. I don't know if I'd get it, but I'd at least like to try it.    

5:36 PM

I loved SM strikers for the GCN. I will def. get the WIi version and with the Wiimote, it wil make the gameplay much more realistic and appealing IMO. This will be a great game.    

9:17 PM

strikers on the cube was pretty good, and i hope the sequal can improve it    

12:18 PM

SMS was freaking awesome! Greatest Multiplayer game ever ^_^
My sisters' and I Owned the game within a few days
Can't wait to see if this game comes out to here    

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