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Mario and Zelda: Big Band Live

Here is a video from a 2003 concert in Japan. The concert was titled "Mario and Zelda: Big Band Live". The concert featured several Japanese music artists playing our favorite Zelda and Mario songs in a bluegrass style. The music in this video is fantastic and a must hear for every Nintendo fanboy. This is a long video, but a great listen. I suggest maybe just keep the browser open and listen for a while.

EDIT: If anyone would like mp3 files of each song in the video individually, I found them here.

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9:29 PM

cool stuff. i wanna see it live. lol :P    

5:11 AM

Cool. Some more VG music. I didn't watch the video because of the length of it.. but I think I'll download the mp3s.    

5:49 PM

can we get a translation somehow of the lyrics when they put words to the super mario theme song? that would b cool. ^_^    

9:31 PM

woah i dont want to listen to all that. thats almost 2 hours!    

10:14 AM

I watched the first few minutes of it untill I realized it was 2 hours long XD. It was pretty cool.    

7:49 AM

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