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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

New Nintendo Wii Controller Information Released!

New information from a Wii development kit has been circulating around the internet. This new information includes some interesting tidbits. Most importantly is that the Wii will use AA batteries for power. While this isn't as great as a lithium-ion battery, Nintendo states that the batteries can last up to 60 hours of gameplay. The other interesting piece of news involves the recently revealed "Sync" button. According to Nintendo, this button will be used for assigning Wii-motes controller numbers. The big other news of note involves several kilobytes of free memory available on the controller. While its purpose is not revealed by Nintendo, one could assume that this is available to save sounds that will play through the remote's speaker.

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8:43 PM

nooooooo!!!! double AA's will do us all in! there better be some kind of L.I. battery back u can buy seperate or something.    

9:05 PM

Ugh. I just hate batteries. That's one of the reasons I stopped playing my old GBA. At least 60 hours sounds like a good battery life. I thought Nintendo was going with chargers ever since the GBA SP.    

10:00 PM

bateries! whaaaaaaat?!? nooo. well at least its 60 hours lasting    

2:53 AM

pfft, Batteries aint a problem! Just buy energizer rechargeable ones. Nintendo is smart with its battery shizzle, I mean, the batteries that come with a WaveBird will last you a year! Trust me, I STILL havent changed them since I bought a WaveBird LAST year...    

2:55 AM

You can still recharge AA batteries. They just have a lower voltage than normal, but the more expensive ones (which I'm guessing it will come with) will be fine.    

2:56 AM

ugh i just hate batteries too, i stopped using my tv remote cuz it runs on batteries, and i stopped driving my car, cuz it runs on a battery, and no more vibrator- u guessed it, batteries! GET OVER IT PANSY ASSES!    

3:27 AM

They dont have lower voltage. The rechargeable alkaline batteries have a lower mAh or Milliamp Hours. The rechargeable NiMH batteries actually have a greater mAh than rechargeable alkaline and regular alkaline.    

3:52 AM

AA batteries are actually quite a smart choice. Personally, most of my electric sockets are all plugged up with mp3 players, cameras, laptops, etc. AAs are cheap, and if they last as long as Nintendo says they will, it shouldn't be a problem at all.    

5:40 AM

Why are you doing anonymous? It could be the same person posting all of that. Plus, you wont get any blue points. Anyway, Double AA batteries. Thats also gonna to cost us money, but not much. I was hoping for a rechargeable battery but its fine. I mine, the contorller is worth it.    

2:06 PM

The anonymous posters are different people. They are most likely visitors that found the site through Digg.com    

11:19 PM

Im Really New to this But i have to say...They are going to Charge $40 for The Remote Thing and then another 20 for the nunchuck...come one now....i really dont like the Xbox much...i actually want to see it fall ..fall ...FALLL..yep..but the 360 controllers are lil 40 dollar for wireless and then 20 for the USb Charge pack...give us a break....Even if we have to plug the controllers into the walll...well better than that...how bout one of those 2 empty usb slots in the back i can dig that....and lets get a usb splitter from 1 slot conveted to 4 so i can charge all of m controllers alright guys....if anyone wants to email me and possibly debate on this subject or anything else about games or computer nerdy geek type stuff..then send me an email..i love electronics....and even more...i love Gaming...hook it up baby....drop me a line...see ya    

1:36 AM

OMG NOOBS you are so dumb its called coles get a duracell aa and aaa charger for like $25.00 can get more rechargeables for $20.00 says they can take up to 500 digital camera shots and we all know they drain power    

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