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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

New pictures of Nintendopoly!

It's classic Monopoly with a Nintendo twist! Check out this newly released version of the classic household favorite!

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9:21 PM

Since my parents can never appreciate video games, I doubt I'd get it in the near future. Any idea on how much it would be in Canada?    

7:03 AM

what do you mean your parents cant appreciate video games? you cant just buy it yourself?    

8:20 AM

Wwow, I'm in the exact same postion, phoenix. Except for the Canada part :P

This looks great, but I'll probably have to buy with my own money.    

3:18 PM

looks cool, but i dont really play board games much    

3:36 PM

Yea, Same as Wader and phoenix. This wll be a big collector's item in the future.    

3:59 PM

same as phoenix, wader, and cfk. my parents hate them so i doubt they'd get it for me if i asked. it looks cool and the new 60 minute game looks better than a 10 hour monopoly game :D    

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