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Gumby in Mario Basketball 3v3?

Check out this video at the 23 second mark. If you look, you see a green character that looks like everyone's favorite claymation character, Gumby. After watching the video a few times, I really can't be certa The only other person I can think of is Game and Watch, however that character doesn't really resemble him in my opinion. Anyways, if anyone has any clue as to who the character is, please leave me a comment to help me out.
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2:47 PM

N64BOY, I just learned from TenSpeed's new topic that Final Fantasy characters are going to be included in Mario Hoops 3 on 3. It looks great and I cant wait to get it. That green person is a Cactaur,a FF character.    

2:58 PM

Heh, Cactuar FTW
if you goto the original URL and Full Screen the video you'll see right at the end there's Pac-Man, Cactuar and Dixie Kong (Left To Right). Gonna be awesome if they're unlockable Characters ^_^    

3:07 PM

IMO it looks a lot like Frogger not like Gumbi.    

3:18 PM

Know that I know there will be a broad amount of characters, Mario Hoops sounds great!    

9:26 PM

i dont think its him, but who knows. i liked the video though! looks awesome!    

7:51 AM

Blue points updated through this topic.    

1:16 PM

Its cactuar not gumbi..    

10:03 PM

Wow, is that really how Mario Basketball is going to be played? It looks fun!

And yes, that's Cactuar.    

9:29 PM

sorry i already posted here, but i have got to say this game is looking like its gonna be great!    

9:55 PM

Wow you are dumb. Why would Nintendo put Gumyby in a game? It's cactuar...    

7:50 PM

thats not very nice mr anominous!    

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