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Nintendo gaming. Today, tomorrow, and into the future.

New Wiimote Button Revealed?

Here is an interesting scan from the upcoming August issue of Nintendo Power. In the scan, we see a woman using a black Wiimote. The interesting part of this photo is the purple colored button on the underside of the controller. It looks a lot like the Z-Button on the GameCube controller. The button has never been seen in any picture of the controller before and was not on the E3 controller. No offical word from Nintendo about this button yet, however BDCgamer will bring you all the details as they become available.

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9:32 AM

Great picture man! We credited you over at our page for the story / picture.


12:49 PM

Hmm.. I got that NP and I never noticed that. At first I thought you were talking about the B button on the bottom but then I looked closer. This is a nice find.    

3:45 PM

Yes I have to agree with wder it is a very nice find indeed    

7:15 PM

Terrible fake. Come on, look where that button is. No human can ever reach it. If you were holding the controller as expected, then the button would be on the left side of the wiimote. I don't have a figer over there, do you?    

8:13 PM

Looks like a fake mag scan. The grey shadow on left of crease at top of the pic, goes straight while mag is on an angle. Only two lines of writing in a column (above Wii pic), very bad/unprofessional layout.

wder75 & zuto, two NEW bloggers that have NO blog and NO profile and yet back each other up...

Come on guys, if your gonna do a fake out, do it better!!    

8:18 PM

It does have a funny blur at the bottom of the picture. And it looks like the mag has that article printed across 5-6 columns, 5 words across!!    

9:26 PM

i expected a button under the wiimote. even if that one is a fake i still think one will appear in the final design    

11:22 PM

uhhh.. how about.. where is her thumb?    

11:39 PM

Her thumb is squashed up against the controller, therefore you cannot see it. Women have small hands you know.    

12:11 AM

this girl has 6 fingers on her hand...yea..THATS a great find    

1:37 AM

You're a fool, the far left on top isnt a 6th finger but the edge of her coat, its obvious when you think about it, and I'm wearing glasses and can see it.    

2:08 PM

Looks like a finger to me...    

9:54 AM

I have the magazine and, after looking, he is correct. There is a purple button-ish thing exactly like the picture. This is no fake.    

10:07 PM

Nice find. I too verified it in my NP magazine and it is there. Also if you look at the picture directly above it (top right of pic) you can also see the button yet it is very hard to see. I cannot see it on the pic but I can in the mag.    

10:43 PM

Except the main picture has the button on the left side and the top picture has the button on the right side of the controller? Two buttons maybe or just a fake? hmmmmmm    

10:48 PM

you can also see the button on yhe controller on page 29 re asurring that i is not her finger.    

2:48 PM

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